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Customized Home Watch Services

Home Watch

Systematic inside and outside visual check that will evaluate current and potential problems. The checklist can be customized to suit your needs. When we encounter problems, you will be contacted immediately with full documentation and photographs. Our recommendations will help you make an informed decision.

Assessment Rates

Each house and homeowner is unique and have different wants and needs. To provide you an accurate written proposal, we will need to set up a free in-home assessment. You can contact us via website or phone to request information or ask questions.

Exterior Check List

  • Walk perimeter of home
  • Ensure scheduled home services are performed properly
  • Identify any damage to home and surrounding property
  • Track snow buildup, on or around your home and check for ice dams
  • Look for signs of pest infestations and animal intrusions
  • Examine property to ensure all access points are secure
  • Check security system to ensure its functioning properly

Interior Check List

  • Walk through entire home
  • Check for signs of mold and mildew
  • Identify any unusual odors and smells
  • Check for leaks and water damage
  • Run and check home systems (furnace, AC, security‚Ķ)
  • Identify any electrical problems or failures
  • Operate appliances to detect problems and/or failure
  • Watch for signs of insects and rodents damage and infestations
  • Examine all doors, windows, and sliders to ensure they are locked and secured

Reports and Documentations

A specific QR code is assigned to your home, and when scanned, provides us with your customized information. You are provided with a time and date through GPS-enabled technology of when we were at your home. A report will be generated to update you on the condition of your investment property, status of repairs and current maintenance.

Alpine Home watch is licensed, insured, bonded and accredited with the National Home Watch Association.

Want more info about our Home Watch Services? Contact us today for a FREE in-home meeting! Let us minimize the risk and maximize the potential of your second home.